Spring Recital Costume List

Costume Lists for the Recital (non-company classes):

Dig a Little Deeper – Blue Dress, Boa, Tap Shoes (Jack – black pants, white shirt, bow tie, vest)

Pop – Hoodie, Capri’s (Jack- jeans), Hat, Necklace, bare feet

Put Me In Coach – Shirt, baseball pants, socks, hat, tap shoes, ponytail through hat

Do You Remember? – 80’s costume, bare feet, hair in high ponytail

Shooting Star – black shorts, blue/star top, hair in high ponytail, black jazz shoes, tan tights (Gavin – black shorts, black shirt, black shoes)

Let’s Hear It For The Boy – black shorts, black spaghetti strap leotard of cami, white Dance shirt, black jazz shoes, tan tights, hair in high RIGHT SIDE ponytail (Gavin – black shorts, red shirt – sleeves need to be cut off, black jazz shoes)

Crazy – PJs, white v-neck

Driving My Life Away – jeans, plaid shirt (tucked in), trucker hat

Jr Ballet – boy shorts, tan tights, tank top, pink ballet shoes

Sr Ballet – black gauchos, pink top, tan tights, ballet shoes

La La – Zip-Up Hoodies (no writing, but can have pattern, different colors, designs, etc.), black tank top or leotard to wear under (same one can be worn for both this dance and “Let’s Hear it For the Boy”, jeans, converse (don’t need to be “converse”, but that style, can be low or high top, any color/design/pattern) and hair in ponytail of choice (side/low/high with bangs pulled back)

Lollipop – Orange dress, white tutu, tap shoes with orange bows, white tights

Cinderellie – White dress, white tights, ballet shoes


Couple other things about the recitals:

  1. Remember to put in your order before the 12th of May for your $5 off (PER VIDEO!) of the show. If you need me to email you the order form again, I can do that. You can also order the DVD at the show, and after the show online. To receive the $5 discount, you must mail in a check. Address is on the order forms (DVDs by Veria Video)
  2. Don’t forget to order your recital t-shirts! There are two different style options, and tons of color options, too!www.gracestudios.spreadshirt.com
  3. On the picture order forms from Pring Photography, the cost on Package A should be $18, not $19. Remember to bring your order forms to the dress rehearsal to order the pix.
  4. Please set your costume stuff out now, not on Friday…!
  5. A few kids left their recital packets at the studio last week – if you did not receive one, please make sure to get one!