Costume Lists

ALL COMPANY dancers should wear their lashes, lipstick, Necklace, Earrings, Slicked back Straight Ponytail or High Bun (depending on dance), and a little blush/eye shadow to match the dancer’s coloring. NO WHISPYS or FLY-AWAYS
ALL Rec. dancers should wear mascara, lipstick, and hair pulled away from face! Little ones…no undies under your tights and leotards, please!

Where’s My Mind (AKA Bellyache) – Teen Onyx Jazz (Hannah)
Rainbow striped top, black shorts, black belt, black sports bra, low ponytail

Slack Jaw – Teen Onyx Contemporary (Hannah)
Green Mesh Dress, Black Leotard, No shoes or tights, low ponytail

Wait… – Junior Iris Contemporary (Hannah)
Red crop top, Black leggings, no shoes, low ponytail

Colorado Rocks – Hip Hop Production (Christy/Britt)
White Colorado shirt (tucked in), green shorts, black socks, tan work boots, flannel around waist (girls), high ponytail
(boys) down vest

Bills – Jr Onyx Tap (Jess)
White button down, black shorts (rolled up), black tie, black suspenders, tan tights, tap shoes, Earrings, LOW ponytail

Wild Side – Jr Silver Jazz (Lindsay)
Multi-color sequin dress, tan tights, tan jazz shoes
Earrings, Slicked back HIGH ponytail with rhinestone hair tie

Sing – Jr Iris Tap (Lindsay)
Purple sequin sweater, jeggings, tan tights, tap shoes, Earrings, High ponytail with purple scrunchie

Wash Away – Sr Onyx Contemporary (Britt)
Grey leggings, t-shirt dress, barefoot, Earrings, choker, low pony

Lola – Teen Iris Jazz (Britt)
Black dress, tan tights, fishnets, black jazz shoes, Earrings, High bun, black hair piece over right eye

Have You Heard – Teen Iris Contemporary (Alison)
Black jumper, burlap belt, barefoot, Earrings, choker, High bun

It Don’t Matter – Teen Silver Jazz (Britt)
White skirt, pink top, tan tights, tan jazz shoes, Earrings, choker, High ponytail, pink hair piece on right side

Say Hey – Teen Iris Tap (Jess)
Khaki capris, white tank, tan tights, tap shoes, Earrings, choker, High ponytail

Kiss – Sr Onyx Jazz (Jess)
Black dress, tan tights, tan jazz shoes, Earrings, choker, High ponytail, sparkle hair piece

Life Goes On – JR Onyx Company (Christy)
Girls – Mustard Dress, Turquoise Leotard, Bare Feet, LOW PONYTAIL (part over left eye)
Devin – khaki shorts, green shirt, barefoot

‘Til It’s Gone – JR IRIS Company (Christy)
Cream Dress, Hair in low slicked back ponytail, part over left eye, earrings, choker, lashes, nude colored underwear, no tights, barefeet

Good Night Chicago – SR IRIS Jazz (Hannah)
Mustard Top, Navy Pinstripe Slacks, no shoes, low ponytail

Ghosts That We Knew – SR IRIS Contemporary (Hannah)
Lace White Top and undershirt, Dark Red Skinny Jeans, Black or Brown Belt, Tan Bra, low ponytail

Coming Home  – JR Onyx Contemporary (Hannah)
Black and Pink Velvet Crop Tops, Black paper bag pants, no shoes, low ponytail

Cold Hearted Snake – SR Tap (Christy)
Girls – Black Socks, Black Pants, Green Top, Blazer, High Ponytail, Sparkly Hairtie
Noel – Black Slacks, Black Button Down, Green Tie

Cabin Fever – TEEN ONYX Tap (Christy)
Girls – Gingham Dress, White Apron, Tan Tights, fishnets, Tap Shoes, Hair in high bun, pearl necklace
Devin – Black Slacks, suspenders, red bow tie, glasses, fedora, brief case, suit coat