Costume Lists

ALL COMPANY dancers should wear their lashes, lipstick, Necklace, Earrings, Slicked back Straight Ponytail or High Bun (depending on dance), and a little blush/eye shadow to match the dancer’s coloring. NO WHISPYS or FLY-AWAYS
ALL Rec. dancers should wear mascara, lipstick, and hair pulled away from face! Little ones…no undies under your tights and leotards, please!

Outta My Hair – JR Hip Hop (Christy)
Purple Biketard, Robe (pinned at shoulders and chest), white canvas shoes, pink scrunchy, hair in HIGH slicked ponytail, tan tights

If No One Will Listen – JR IRIS Jazz (Lindsay)
blue/black dress, nude bra, tights, tan jazz shoes, Low Ponytail

Don’t Worry Now – JR SILVER Jazz (Jessica)
slate blue dress, nude bra if necessary, no tights, bare foot, low ponytail

Turning Turtle – ALL COMPANY TAP (Christy)
Black or Green Socks, black shirts, plaid pants, hats (with elastic), vest/ties, etc. Hair in low ponytail

Hand Jive – TEEN IRIS Hip Hop (Christy)
clear strapped bra, dress, white petticoat, black boy shorts or briefs (Dancer provides), scarf in double knot, hair in high pony, black converse (dancer provides)

Bodyguard – JUNIOR ONYX Jazz (Christy)
Black Leggings (no undies), White Top, Aviator Glasses, Low Ponytail, barefoot

Where Were You – JR/Teen ONYX Contemporary (Hannah)
Green/Black Leo, Black Skirt, Nude Bra w/clear elastic back, barefoot, no tights

I’m Here – JR IRIS Contemporary (Hannah)
White crop top, black skirt, no tights/shoes, hair low ponytail

Dangerous – Senior IRIS/ONYX Hip Hop (Brittney)
Girls – Black leather sweat pants, “suit” white t-shirt, choker, sparkle hair tie, high pony
Noel – Black leather sweat pants, own white t-shirt, black “suit” jacket
All – Black calf high socks, low top converse

Bright Side – Senior ONYX Contemporary (Brittney)
Blue/maroon dress, purple leo, choker, sparkle hair tie, low pony, barefoot

Bottom of the River – SR IRIS Contemporary (Alison)
white skirt, leotard, no show bra, no tights, no shoes

Lash Out – Teen Iris Jazz (Brittney)
Blue leggings, black tank, own black cross back or camisole leotard, choker, sparkle hair tie, high pony, barefoot

Enchanted – Teen Iris Contemporary (Brittney)
Green and/or brown costume, choker, sparkle hair tie, low pony, barefoot

Come Out and Play – Teen Silver Jazz (Brittney)
Maroon romper, own clear strap bra, choker, low pony, maroon flower left side, tights, tan jazz shoes

Glorious – Teen Onyx Hip Hop (Brittney)
Girls – Maroon vest, maroon tank, maroon/black leggings, maroon bandana around neck, french braid / braid pigtails
Devin – Maroon shirt, black jacket, black jeans
All – Black socks, tan work boots

OMG – Teen Onyx Jazz (Jess)
Red Leo, Black Leggings, High Ponytail, Barefoot

In The Name of Love – SR IRIS/ONYX Jazz (Hannah)
Black Leggings, Black/White Leotard, Barefoot, Low Ponytail

Where’s My Mind – Teen Onyx Jazz (Hannah)
Rainbow striped top, black shorts, black belt, black sports bra, low ponytail

Slack Jaw – Teen Onyx Contemporary (Hannah)
Green Mesh Dress, Black Leotard, No shoes or tights, low ponytail

Wait… – Junior Iris Contemporary (Hannah)
Red crop top, Black leggings, no shoes, low ponytail

Colorado Rocks – Hip Hop Production (Christy/Britt)
White Colorado shirt (tucked in), green shorts, black socks, tan work boots, flannel around waist (girls), high ponytail
(boys) down vest

Bills – Jr Onyx Tap (Jess)
White button down, black shorts (rolled up), black tie, black suspenders, tan tights, tap shoes, Earrings, LOW ponytail

Wild Side – Jr Silver Jazz (Lindsay)
Multi-color sequin dress, tan tights, tan jazz shoes
Earrings, Slicked back HIGH ponytail with rhinestone hair tie

Sing – Jr Iris Tap (Lindsay)
Purple sequin sweater, jeggings, tan tights, tap shoes, Earrings, High ponytail with purple scrunchie pinned

Wash Away – Sr Onyx Contemporary (Britt)
Grey leggings, t-shirt dress, barefoot, Earrings, choker, low pony

Lola – Teen Iris Jazz (Britt)
Black dress, tan tights, fishnets, black jazz shoes, Earrings, High bun, black hair piece over right eye

Have You Heard – Teen Iris Contemporary (Alison)
Black jumper, burlap belt, barefoot, Earrings, choker, High bun

It Don’t Matter – Teen Silver Jazz (Britt)
White skirt, pink top, tan tights, tan jazz shoes, Earrings, choker, High ponytail, pink hair piece on right side

Say Hey – Teen Iris Tap (Jess)
Khaki capris, white tank, tan tights, tap shoes, Earrings, choker, High ponytail

Kiss – Sr Onyx Jazz (Jess)
Black dress, tan tights, tan jazz shoes, Earrings, choker, High ponytail, sparkle hair piece

Life Goes On – JR Onyx Company (Christy)
Girls – Mustard Dress, Turquoise Leotard, Bare Feet, LOW PONYTAIL (part over left eye)
Devin – khaki shorts, green shirt, barefoot

‘Til It’s Gone – JR IRIS Company (Christy)
Cream Dress, Hair in low slicked back ponytail, part over left eye, earrings, choker, lashes, nude colored underwear, no tights, barefeet

Good Night Chicago – SR IRIS Jazz (Hannah)
Mustard Top, Navy Pinstripe Slacks, no shoes, low ponytail

Ghosts That We Knew – SR IRIS Contemporary (Hannah)
Lace White Top and undershirt, Dark Red Skinny Jeans, Black or Brown Belt, Tan Bra, low ponytail

Coming Home  – JR Onyx Contemporary (Hannah)
Black and Pink Velvet Crop Tops, Black paper bag pants, no shoes, low ponytail

Cold Hearted Snake – SR Tap (Christy)
Girls – Black Socks, Black Pants, Green Top, Blazer, High Ponytail, Sparkly Hairtie
Noel – Black Slacks, Black Button Down, Green Tie

Cabin Fever – TEEN ONYX Tap (Christy)
Girls – Gingham Dress, White Apron, Tan Tights, fishnets, Tap Shoes, Hair in high bun, pearl necklace
Devin – Black Slacks, suspenders, red bow tie, glasses, fedora, brief case, suit coat