GSSD Closed from 3/13-3/29

OK, well, things certainly changed quickly, didn’t they! As you all know by now, GSSD will be closed in coordination with the Boulder Valley School District. We are hoping the kids will keep dancing and practicing from home! Fingers crossed that we can reopen the studio after spring break.

In the meantime… we are currently working on uploading all the class videos and music we have to a shared google drive. Please use this resource (not every dance has a video, but all music will be on there) to practice. We will share this link in a separate email once everything is uploaded.

We will also post videos for the rec classes of the instructors doing the choreography (if there isn’t a class video to follow). However, these won’t be posted until at least Monday. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate through these uncharted waters…and thank goodness for technology so we can continue to work and communicate during all these school/studio/work closures!