“Grace Studios is a very unique studio…” But Why?

“GSSD is my second home. I LOVE DANCING WITH GSSD!” – a Grace Studios Dancer
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– GSSD offers affordable classes to the masses…everybody is welcome! We truly believe that dance is for EVERYBODY!
– Whether you want to take one class a week, or 12 classes a week – we have a place for you to dance!
– GSSD is a fun, family friendly and safe environment that you can feel good about bringing your children to dance with! We NEVER use inappropriate or explicit music, nor put the kids in costumes that aren’t age-appropriate. All choreography and themes are also consistent with that philosophy.
– We push the kids to explore their own voice and creativity in EVERY class. While we do stress proper technique and training, we also know how valuable creativity, inventiveness and inclusion are to a growing dancer (of all ages!)
– GSSD offers classes for all ages – 18months through Adult; and for all levels – beginner through advanced/professional. Email us
– All GSSD dancers dance in at least two (if not three) professional concerts, as well as area events and festivals like Broomfield Days, the Boulder Creek Festival, Louisville Street Fair and Farmers Market, and Arvada Days. We not only put on “the usual” Spring Recitals (x3 or 4), but we also have a full, professional “Holiday Spectacular” Recital at the beginning of December as well!
– Costume fees are kept low, and so are recital fees. All our recitals are at the Pinnacle Performing Arts Complex.
– GSSD is home to an Award Winning Dance Company which competes two to seven times a year (depending on company placement), and travels to a National Competition every other year. The Company is a unique opportunity for dancers who want to take their training to the next level, but also want to maintain an active role in other activities, such as theater, poms, school sports, etc… if they’d like. Dancers can tailor their Dance Company experience to fit their specific needs and desires.
– We LOVE to dance and we LOVE to teach. All of our GSSD Instructors and Teaching Assistants put their love, passion and time into everything that we do and create, and are all college educated professional dancers.
– Come dance with us – your first trial class is always free!

What parents, dancers and alumni are saying about GSSD:
“I sat through 3 competitions from regionals to nationals and watched Grace Studios dominate their divisions with flair, creativity and kids who are prepared to nail their performances. This studio is a non-competitive environment in its style, yet stunningly successful due to the teacher’s attention to detail and ability to get the most out of well trained dancers. I am so happy my child will be a part of Grace Studios for the remainder of her youth and HS dance experience.” Michael Billingsley, GSSD Dad for 9 years.

“I am so grateful my kids can learn dance where there is age appropriate music, age appropriate costumes and teachers who really care. Thank you Grace Studios….We love you!!!” -Diane Prestwich – GSSD Dance Mom for 20 years

“Our daughter thoroughly enjoys dancing for Grace Studios. The teachers are fantastic and the choreography is very imaginative. We highly recommend Grace Studios for any dancer who wants a fun and challenging dancing environment.” Lisa and Darren Warner

“I wouldn’t have my daughter go anywhere else! The instructors are great! They take their dancing very seriously, but they also make it fun for their students to learn.” – A longtime GSSD Parent

“Grace Studios has reopened my heart back up to dancing. The instructors show that they believe in your ability to succeed and teach with the excitement, compassion and confidence I wish to one day, have myself. Dancing has always been my sanctuary and I want to thank Grace Studios for being the place to release all of my emotions, whether good or bad. Grace Studios and everyone involved within it have been the reason for my growth as a dancer, and as a person. My love for this studio cannot be explained. Thank you” (A GSSD Dancer)

“If you are looking for an amazing dance studio, Grace Studios is the place to be–the teachers are incredibly talented and so much fun. My 7 year old daughter is thrilled to dance, and I’m thrilled that the music and costumes are age appropriate. For those adults looking to dance, look no further–adult classes are also offered here. I’m approaching my 40’s and signed up for my first dance class this past September. Wish I had done this 30 years ago!” – A GSSD Adult Dancer